Remodelers PRO Force Program

We know remodelers. National Lumber understands that remodeling contractors have different building needs and challenges than contractors working in new construction. So, we created the PRO Force Program to offer specialized services to meet the needs of our remodeling contractor customers.

With PRO Force Specialists in our stores along with managers that are experienced in the building industry, you will receive the service you deserve.

When you become a PRO Force Member, you will also receive special pricing. PRO Force Membership is FREE, but there are qualifications for PRO Force Membership. Ask in your local store for details.

Contractor referring to plans

PRO Force Discount Pricing

PRO Force Membership entitles you to everyday Member discount pricing* at all National Lumber and Kitchen Views locations.

*Not to be combined with other discount offers from National Lumber or Kitchen Views Programs because PRO Members receive even better discounts.

Services for Remodelers

Framing Materials Precut

Insulation Products & Installation

Custom Millwork Shop

Drywall Expertly Delivered

Cabinetry Design & Plans

Tool Repairs & Equipment Rentals

Contractor Training & Events

Traditional method for putting up a wall for an addition on a home


Building an addition for a remodel can benefit from methods National Lumber already offers to big builders.

We deliver strong, efficient, superior framing materials to your jobsite ready to be installed.

Precision End Trimming

Precut Rafters

Precision End Trim Floor Joists

Floor and Wall Panels

Roof and Floor Trusses

Learn About Engineered Floor Joists

Learn About Panelization Advantages & Benefits

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Contractor installing Johns Manville batt insulation


National Lumber sells all the insulation products you need.

Find product information in our eShowroom

Or, consider hiring Pro Insulators, a division of National Lumber, as your subcontractor, just as you have traditionally subcontracted work to a trusted plumber as part of your team.

Perhaps the homeowner wants spray foam insulation, but you're only familiar with fiberglass batts. Our experts can install a variety of insulation types.

Building code compliance and OSHA safety compliance are met when you hire Pro Insulators.

Learn About Pro Insulators

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Comparison of old paint encrusted railing next to new replication with details seen

Custom Millwork Shop

When it comes to what we can create, the options are limitless. Whether you need to replicate a special component that needs to be replaced, or create a custom item, skilled craftsmen use both traditional methods and state-of-the-art equipment, depending on the needs of the project. You'll receive quality workmanship at an affordable cost.

With our custom millwork shop, National Millwork can take your unique conceptual designs to the next level. All you need to do is provide us with a sketch or drawing, and with the latest in machinery and CAD software, we can easily create it.

Please contact Bill Conkey, Sales Manager, to discuss your project or to get further information. Call Bill at 508-261-6455 ext. 4124 or email him.

Email Bill Conkey

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Drywall being delivered by boom truck to the second floor of a home being remodeled

Quality Drywall Products

Whether you call it Wallboard or Drywall, we deliver brand names you trust.

National Lumber also provides the drywall supplies, installation tools, and accessories you need to get the best results, including quality wallboard, metal studs, plaster, and acoustical ceiling products.

Find product information in our eShowroom

Boom Truck Deliveries

National Lumber has experts in handling Drywall, which has specialized storage and delivery needs. Our Drywall Team has comprehensive training and certification to run the equipment.

Drywall Experts Flyer (PDF)

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Kitchen designer going over plans and product choices with client

Cabinetry Design, Plans, and Products

Homeowners have a lot of questions, and many product choices to be made when renovating a kitchen. We can make the process easier on your clients, and on you.

Send your clients to a Kitchen Views showroom to work with one of our experienced designers. They will:

• Lead your clients through the process from concept to completion

• Create a computer generated preview for the client

• Create cabinetry layout plans for the installer

• Oversee the process of placing the cabinetry order and schedule delivery

• Follow-up at the jobsite, and be available to answer questions

Learn About Kitchen Views

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Pneumatic tool repair shop

Power Tool Maintenance

We have the services you deserve to keep you productive. You can get service and repairs for all makes of pneumatic tools.

Learn About Our Tool Experts

Equipment Rentals

Have you ever needed a generator or heavy equipment for only a day, a week, or a month? We rent the equipment you need for the time you need them.

Learn About Heavy Equipment Rentals (PDF)

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Example of a trainer with contractors during class being held in our Mansfield Training Room

Training Classes Hosted

As a service to our contractor customers, National Lumber hosts and sponsors important educational classes taught by outside training companies, which are not only informative, but also help serve requirements for new licensing requirements.

Learn About CSL License Requirements

Contact Info for Training Companies (PDF)

Contractor Events

We periodically host vendor sponsored coffee breaks and summer barbeques at various retail locations. These contractor events give you the opportunity to learn about new products with hands-on demonstrations and ask questions.

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