Pre-cut Rafters

Imagine the time you'll save when materials arrive on site ready to install.  Reduce or eliminate cutting at the site.

Precut Rafters installed in a house under construction

Pre-cut to Specifications

Imagine the time you'll save when building a complicated roof structure with dormers, hips, valleys, and multiple angles. We'll pre-cut all the varied sizes and shapes of rafters needed, even curved rafters.

We'll provide layouts for complicated roofs. Each piece will be inkjet labeled, and the rafters are packaged by valley sets.

Hundegger CNC precision cutting equipment

CNC Precision Cutting

In addition to rafters that can be cut on the CNC machine to 1 millimeter precision, we cut truss components, I-Joists, stair stringers, and wall panel components using state-of-the-art equipment.

Hundegger is the most versatile CNC automated component saw available. They are considered universally the most flexible machines used in wood construction; from wood truss components to engineered wood products, and more.


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