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Contractor License Training Requirements

Here is some information clarifying what the Construction Supervisor License (CSL) Continuing Education Units (CEU) are, as well as why you need to get them, when you need to have them, and how to get them. For more information, contact the professional training companies since they are the experts.

Who it Affects: All construction supervisor license holders

What? Continuing Education Units are assigned to each section of the required training. It takes approximately 1 hour of training time to earn each CEU. You can take the training in segments as long as you have the required number of CEUs in the required categories. But most training companies offer the classes in a way that you can get all the training done at once over a couple of days.

Why? The Board of Building Regulations and Standards (BBRS) has Continuing Education requirements for the Massachusetts Construction Supervisor License. Licensees must provide proof of completion of required hours for every two year license cycle.

When? Construction Supervisors are required to renew their license every two (2) years. At the time of renewal you will need to provide proof of continuing education credit hours to renew your license. Taking courses now will count toward the next time you need to provide these credits.

How many credits and hours do I need to obtain?

Depending on your license type you will need a minimum of 5 required topic credit hours and the balance to come from approved elective courses.

Unrestricted: Construction Supervisor License; 12 credit hours = 5 required topic credit hours and 7 elective

Restricted: One and Two Family License; 10 credit hours = 5 required topic credit hours and 5 elective.

Specialty Licenses: 6 credit hours = 5 required topic credit hours and 1 elective.

What Categories? Of the required hours, there are five mandatory topics, with a minimum of one hour required in each:

• Code Review

• Workplace Safety

• Business Practices

• Energy (except Demolition Specialty License)

• Lead-Safe Practices (only first renewal cycle)

Where and How?

To earn the required credits (CEUs), licensees must take courses that have been pre-approved by the state. The BBRS deems that approved courses must "impart appropriate and related knowledge in the regulated industries." Students must attend classes in their entirety in order to receive the approved credits.

As a service to our contractor customers, National Lumber hosts important educational classes monthly, including CSL CEU classes. The professional training companies using National Lumber's Training Room in Mansfield are approved by the Massachusetts BBRS.

Some trade associations such as BRAGB, NARI and RIBA also offer programs that earn continuing education credits, providing multiple opportunities to earn all of the required hours at locations throughout eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Learn About Training Companies

Training classes are hosted monthly in our Training Room upstairs at our store location at 245 Oakland St in Mansfield, MA. Classes are open to both customers and non-customers, but all require that you register with the specific training company for their class.

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