READY-FRAME® materials stacked on jobsite with workers seen assembling exterior wall

and get it right the first time.

READY-FRAME® is now available to National Lumber customers in addition to our existing framing products for trusses, wall panels, engineered floor systems, and pre-cut materials. Everything to get the job done right the first time.

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READY-FRAME® National Lumber Summary PDF

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Builders FirstSource hardhat on stack of inkjet labeled framing materials

Inkjet Labeled & Ready to Go

Computerized pre-cut framing materials, cut to 1/16" precision, will put you ahead of schedule and the competition.

  • Computerized designs reduce mistakes with 1/16" accuracy.
  • Optimized material usage avoids misuse and waste.
  • Cut to 1/16" precision.
  • Benefit from guaranteed takeoffs, fewer errors and less risk.


Worker installs READY-FRAME® materials on a house construction jobsite

Benefits on the Jobsite


  • Build 20% faster with the same crew, which means less labor needed.
  • Build more houses in less time with increased efficiencies like pre-cut and labeled smart bundles.


  • Less on site cutting contributes to a cleaner, more organized job site.
  • A safer environment reduces risk for injury.


  • Fewer cuts mean less waste in dumpsters and reduced disposal fees.
  • Results in a cleaner job site and more trees saved.


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