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Golden Development

Needham, MA

Golden Development Corp, builder of luxury custom homes, is owned by husband and wife team, Louis (Lou) and Cindy Wolfson, long-time residents of Needham with over 30 years building and selling luxury homes in Massachusetts.

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My wife and I have been building homes for 16 years, and National Lumber has been a trusted member of our team from the start. We believe that building a quality home takes the work of a quality team that cares. Margie and Steve truly care about their clients and go to great lengths to make my job easier. My dedicated salesperson, Matt, along with his support staff and delivery drivers, provide unparalleled knowledge and ensure projects run smoothly by being efficient and timely. I’m a person who always “need it yesterday,” and National Lumber always exceeds my expectations.

Louis Wolfson

A Great Team

Lou oversees the construction process every step of the way. He combines his extensive knowledge of real estate with his in-depth project management skills to provide the company with innovative vision and leadership, setting the foundation for the Company's development philosophies.

Cindy brings her 10+ years of design experience to make every home and every room of each home unique. She handpicks each detail of each room, down to the faucets, tiles, knobs, and paint colors.

Details Make the Difference

Cindy and Lou believe that it is the details that make the difference, and quality is always at the forefront for both. Each home is built as if they were building it for themselves.

Their company, Golden Development, has worked on luxury spec homes as well as with with customers on projects ranging from custom new construction to home renovations.

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