Maplewoods Affordable Housing, Providence, RI

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Maplewoods Affordable Housing
Providence, RI

*Stop Wasting Abandoned Property

SWAP, Inc. is a private non-profit community development corporation committed to providing affordable housing opportunities for persons of low and moderate income; revitalizing urban neighborhoods and building new communities.

Through rehabilitation and new construction, SWAP develops quality homes for sale, apartments for rent and neighborhood commercial spaces.

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SWAP Maplewoods Development under construction, August 2018

Framing in Progress

Maplewoods Apartments is a SWAP, Inc. development located in the Manton neighborhood of Providence, RI. The development will create 40 apartments and support 72 construction jobs.

National Lumber supplied all the lumber for this project, including ZIP System® sheathing.

Reliable Truss manufactured the floor trusses, roof trusses and wall panels, and they also supplied the LVLs and engineered hardware.

SWAP Maplewoods aerial overhead, framing in progress

Aerial View of Maplewoods

This aerial view of Maplewoods under construction shows the framing in progressive stages.

Aerial view overhead showing roof now shingled, and ZipSystem sheathing still visible

Construction Progressing

The buildings now have roof shingles, windows have been installed, but the green ZIP System® sheathing can still be seen.


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