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Custom Home in Lexington, MA

The client came to us with a set of architectural plans for this contemporary custom home and requested we provide him with the full design for EWP floors and roof system.

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Framing Completed

Challenges met in this project:

  • Long spans for the I-joists
  • Height restrictions that limited depth of joists to 14 inches
  • Offset bearing conditions that joists needed to carry
  • Large door and window openings throughout the home
  • Cantilevered second floor areas on the right side of building
  • Changes to plans throughout the project (floor area ratio, and customer changing layout of rooms, etc.)
  • Open space over family room requiring large steel beam to be designed

Our engineers meet the building and zoning codes required by the city or town and state.

Interior Views of Framing

The EWP experts at National Lumber have provided the required custom framing for the large corner windows of this custom home.

The second floor deck is seen through the large framed opening for the doors.

Custom designed roof header with I-joist rafters meet the precise specifications needed.

The staircase framing is ready for the next phase of construction, along with the huge window openings displaying the staircase on the front of the home.

Photo of underneath view of overhang

Overhang Framing Close-up

National Lumber supplied all the I-joists, the lumber for this project, and ZIP System® sheathing.


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