HIGH-Rim, exclusive high R-value rimboard product of National Lumber Company of Mansfield, MA

National Lumber's new insulated rimboard product, HIGH-Rim, provides greater R-values than comparable products on the market, as well as time and cost savings.

HIGH-Rim Printable PDF

HIGH-Rim sample

R-11 Assembly

HIGH-Rim insulated rimboard consists of two OSB boards and polyurethane foam adhered to create a tightly sealed, high R-value barrier for the perimeter of the beltline.


• Pre-assembled 12 foot lengths

• 3-1/2″ thick

• In-stock depths: 9-½″, 11-7/8″, and 14″

Massachusetts Stretch Code Map


• R-11 assembly insulates a difficult area in floor construction in one step

• Meets APA PRR 401 for non-structural rimboard

• Helps your project meet Massachusetts Stretch Energy Code

MA Stretch Code Overview PDF

MA Stretch Code Map PDF

HIGH-Rim diagram cross section of structural materials

Cross Section Diagram

In our cross section diagram, you can see how the HIGH-Rim insulated rimboard sits on the pressure treated sill of the building.

HIGH-Rim can be purchased as part of our entire engineered floor package, or separately.

This product is available exclusively from National Lumber. To learn more, speak to your salesman or contact our team. Ask about item numbers IR1012, IR1212 and IR1412.


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