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Procopio Enterprises is a family owned real estate development and construction company specializing in construction management, land development and civil construction. They have served all of Boston’s North Shore since 1950.

Quality, integrity and innovation make up our businesses foundation and today we continue that tradition, developing distinctive luxury communities and providing outstanding construction management services to all our customers.

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Regency Village under construction, October 2018

Regency Village, Merrimac, MA

National Lumber provided all the lumber for this project, plus AdvanTech® and ZIP System®.

Reliable Truss provided floor trusses, wall panels, LVLs, and roof trusses.

Regency Village consists of 96 market rate 55+ luxury apartments, constructed as wood framed living area on concrete podiums. Construction started in April 2018 with the massive cement foot print of 21,865 square feet for the first building, situated on 8 acres. The expected open date for the apartment buildings is July 2019.

October 2018 delivery by Reliable Truss of roof trusses

Framing Components by Reliable Truss

Reliable Truss and Components designs, manufactures, and delivers framing components across New England, like the roof trusses shown here being delivered on a flatbed truck. Cranes will be used to lift components into place.

Procopio, Regency project, framing and trusses

Framing Materials and Trusses

National Lumber and Reliable Truss provided framing materials and trusses for the Regency project. Using prefabricated components, delivered ready to install, provides quality construction while saving time and money.


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