National Lumber Contractor Trip Rewards Program

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  • Points based on net payments
  • One point for every dollar paid on-time and in terms
  • Designated categories earn more points (see chart)
  • Accrue points for 36 months from date awarded

Contractor Trip Rewards Program Rules & Requirements

Qualification for trips usually requires a minimum of 150,000 in points earned through qualified purchases that are paid on-time and paid in full.

Contractors are enrolled in the program by NATIONAL LUMBER. If you want to update your Contact Information, please click here to fill out the online form.

Contractors with multiple accounts will have a single point total based on the total of all accounts.

Contractors are awarded points based on total year points earned and qualified by our payment terms. Trips are awarded to Principals/Owners/or Designated Management Employees. Trips cannot be redeemed for cash value. Award points hold no cash or credit value; they cannot be sold, traded, transferred or given away. Customers must be within terms on a monthly basis to receive points for that month and be within terms when trip points are redeemed.

All net payments (excluding tax) for products purchased from NATIONAL LUMBER earn a minimum of one point. Many product lines will earn a higher point value than the standard one point. Refer to the chart below for the point values of various categories.

Chart of Points by Categories

Points can be accrued for up to 36 months from date awarded.

Contact your sales representative for current points status.

Trips must be taken at announced dates. Current passports are required for trips out of the United States and should be valid for a minimum of six months after your trip.

Names and addresses of trip participants must be confirmed by the announced deadline.

For trips requiring air travel, upon release of tickets to participating contractors, a signed Release of Liability form must be returned to NATIONAL LUMBER. NATIONAL LUMBER is not responsible for any lost or stolen tickets or any costs incurred due to you canceling a trip.

NATIONAL LUMBER is the final authority in all matters relating to this rewards program, its rules, eligibility of participants and offerings of rewards.

Income tax liabilities are the responsibility of the reward recipient. Any charges or upgrades to the regular trip itinerary or services are the responsibility of the individual contractor and are subject to availability.

Points can be redeemed for a single trip reward or a combination of rewards based on earned points.

NATIONAL LUMBER Reward Trips include lodging, transportation, meals, beverages, activities, etc. included in the trip description. Incidental charges, not included in the trip package, are the customer's responsibility.

Departure date, destination, airfare purchases and ground costs are subject to changes if fuel surcharges and/or escalating travel costs dictate. This may result in a small increase of points required per person.

NATIONAL LUMBER may at its sole discretion, cancel a trip program or change destination for any reason, which it deems appropriate including but not limited to matters bearing on the international situation, currency exchange values, escalation of costs, or other reasons deemed necessary by NATIONAL LUMBER.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Margie Kaitz at or call 508-339-8020 x5625.


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