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ResinArt Curved Moulding and Trim samples

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Your Home . Our Planet
ResinArt 100% mercury free and zero VOC's
Improved Indoor Air Quality
No Harmful Gas Emissions
LEED Compliant

ResinArt Flexible Trim Mouldings

  • Residential and Commercial Applications
  • Beautiful Ornamental Mouldings
  • Architectural Columns and Capitals
  • Decorative Appliqués

ResinArt first introduced flexible trim mouldings, a problem solving, innovative product, to the building industry in 1967. Today, ResinArt is the largest manufacturer of flexible mouldings and trim in the world.

DuraFlex logo With advanced polymer technology, ResinArt Corporation considers DuraFlex® flexible moulding to be the market's best value, balancing quality and cost.
DuraFlex® Product Features Benefits
No VOC's and
100% Mercury Free

Green Builder Friendly
LEED compliant

Paintability Latex paint or oil base paint
Stainability Excellent finish with eco friendly water base stains or gel stains
Boxed lengths up to 50'
Spooled lengths up to 300'
Increases efficiency on jobsite
Curved stair applications
Flexibility Allows for greater jobsite adjustment in demanding applications
Strength Zero product failure, zero shrinkage
Withstands extreme conditions
Insect & waterproof

ResinArt Production Features

Quotation Response Time Same day
6-Day Lead Time
The Best in the Industry
3 days for production
plus 3 days for shipping
Architectural Reproductions
Historical Reproductions
Custom Fabrications
In-house renovation department

ResinArt catalog PDF file ResinArt searchable online catalog (PDF)

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ResinArt Capitals on Exterior Columns

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