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Huber Engineered Woods ZIP System
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ZIP System Wall Sheathing

Offering a new 30-year system warranty, ZIP System wall sheathing is a structural panel with a built-in barrier for superior moisture protection and energy efficiency.

The advantages of using ZIP System Sheathing include:

  • A built-in water-resistive barrier, which eliminates housewrap for fast, easy installation, and also provides water and air resistance for protection during and after construction.
  • Fastening guide aids in easy panel installation and serves as a guide during siding installation.
  • Won’t blow off, tear or require rework like housewrap.
  • Provides structural support and is made with same resins used in AdvanTech flooring.
  • Specially engineered to allow moisture vapor to travel through the panel, allowing walls to breathe and dry out.
  • No risk of water becoming trapped between housewrap and sheathing, which could result in moisture-related issues.

Install the panels, tape the seams with ZIP System tape and you’re done - installing 40% faster than with traditional systems. Learn more at!

Contact us or come in to any National Lumber location to ask about ZIP System, other Huber Engineered Wood products, or any other details of your project.

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Energy Savings from using ZIP System

See the energy savings you can receive by using ZIP System (PDF)