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Opus Roof Blanket roof protection
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Opus Roof Blanket

Opus™ Roof Blanket protects the roof and the roofer. Third party testing proves Opus™ Roof Blanket Anti-Slip roof underlayment has unsurpassed walking traction in both wet and dry conditions, in all four directions. This makes it a safer alternative to felt or synthetics.

If a shingle blows off, Opus Roof Blanket provides a strong and vital secondary layer of protection that is tear and rupture resistant. guards the roof against moisture infiltration, leaks and UV degradation, and stays in place longer, even in severe weather conditions.

Opus has an industry-leading warranty to protect the roof deck up to 30 months uncovered against tearing.

Contact us or come in to any National Lumber location to ask about Opus Roof Blanket or any other details of your project.

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