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AdvanTech Flooring & Sheathing

Offering a 50-year limited warranty and with high density and advanced resin technology, AdvanTech flooring is engineered to provide unmatched quality. It outperforms other OSB and plywood products by delivering superior water resistance, strength, stiffness and a 300 day no sand guarantee.

AdvanTech Flooring is the industry leader when it comes to quality. It has received the highest quality award from Builder magazine for 10 consecutive years. Learn more at

AdvanTech Subfloor Adhesive

AdvanTech™ Subfloor Adhesive makes the FLAT OUT BEST™ quiet, stiff floors builders already trust even stronger. This gun-applied adhesive even adheres to wet and even frozen wood! It also exceeds industry performance standards.

Here are more benefits of AdvanTech™ Subfloor Adhesive

·         This is a new technology that is Flat Out Best™

·         In stock at all National Lumber stores.

·         Polyurethane Spray Gel-Foam Adhesive

·         One can of adhesive can cover up to 400lf (approximately 15 4x8 sheets @ 16” o.c.) that is 4-8 times more coverage than a tube of traditional subfloor adhesive.

·         Squeak Free Warranty available (see details)

·         Complete application system, making a faster and cleaner install

·         Can be used on any wood-to-wood assemblies, glued floor system, plywood or OSB.

Contact us or come in to any National Lumber location to ask about AdvanTech, other Huber Engineered Wood products or any other details of your project.

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AdvanTech Subfloor Adhesive Squeak-Free Warranty