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GRK Fasteners and Deck Screws

GRK fasteners and screws are perfectly suited to meet professional as well as do-it-yourself needs. The sharp threads and points bite instantly into materials to reduce splitting.

With their exceptionally small heads, GRK's decking screws prevent most material splitting. Pre-drilling is only necessary if the building material's limitations require a pilot hole to be drilled.

Like their decking screws, GRK's cabinetry screws are thin enough to prevent most material splitting while still providing sufficient strength to guarantee a secure installation. The cabinet screw's washer head design presses flush against any cabinet surface.

GRK's metal siding & roofing screws have an integrated washer head and is complemented with a rubber washer below the screw head. No pre-drilling is needed due to the MSS' multiple tip design for thin sidings as well as thick studs. The MSS is available in different colors to match siding appearance and is powder coated for exceptionally high corrosion resistance.

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GRK Deck Fasteners

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