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precision end trimmed I-joists



Integrated Floor Systems with Precision End Trim

National Lumber can supply you with a RAPID FRAME® Engineered Floor System delivered to the jobsite with each piece labeled, precision-cut and ready for assembly. With precision-cut floor framing packages, each piece is precision end trimmed to fit exactly in each location. Less waste is not only environmentally friendly, but it also eliminates waste on the jobsite, saving you money on waste removal costs.

Structurally outperforming solid sawn lumber, Engineered Floor Systems are designed with structural components requiring fewer pieces, saving installation and material costs. Our Engineered Floor System packages are complete packages; we specify all necessary hangers, connections and columns required for installation.

Each piece is inkjet labeled, bundled by floor, and ready for fast, accurate installation right off the truck. Our color-coded installation plans and corresponding labeled material provide you with an efficient, hassle-free installation.

With building energy codes becoming increasingly stringent, Boise Cascade and National Lumber are educating builders on the additional benefits of using EWP construction. Energy usage of the finished building can be reduced by routing ducts through Engineered Floor Systems between the first and second floors. Traditionally, duct lines have been put into cold basements and hot attics, increasing heating and cooling costs. Boise Cascade and National Lumber believe that this method can cut home energy costs. It's also efficient and cost-effective for the builder.

National Lumber offers engineered floor systems with all necessary perforations cut in advance for mechanical rough-ins to accommodate HVAC, plumbing, etc.

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ink-jet labeled I-joists